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IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY: Help an Artist, Become a Collector!

Mauricio Herrero, Image

With everyone crowdfunding these days, it’s hard to choose which projects to support and which to pass up. I get it, sometimes you’re saying to yourself “Hey! Are you going to fund my next project or, better yet, stock my fridge next week?” Albeit these crowd sourced fundraisers are omnipresent, funding projects in the arts is a bit different. Essentially, what you’re doing is two-fold: you are donating to a fundraiser, thus contributing to the arts, AND (given the chosen sum to donate), because of your awesomely amazing deed, the artist is exchanging money for art. So, that’s make you a philanthropic collector. It’s a win-win and you’re paying it forward.

Mauricio Herrero has 2 days left of his fundraiser. A Costa Rican artist, whom I met while he was completing his MFA at Parsons the New School for Design in Manhattan, is raising money, well, to make money, literally. Herrerro’s concept for his month long residency at Argentina’s Proyecto Ace consists of fabricating his own currency in print/paper form, which will also function as a work of art in itself, made through graphic techniques, from original designs. According to the artist “divisions between categories, between concepts, between territories are unstable. I explore those places where boundaries blur and look into the way symbolic representations, can be transfered from one space to another, converted and abstracted, only to be created anew. I generate new associations from displaced elements, exploring relations which transcend their initial context, into larger systems.” Fund Mauricio HERE and think about how great one of his prints will look on the wall of your home.

Click CC for English subtitles for the short video below.

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