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Istanbul and Language of the Wall- Photo Diary of Logan Hicks

Last week I had the incredible adventure of watching a slew of talented artists create work for Istanbul’s first street art museum-scale exhibition, at the Pera Museum. A week of discovering art history icons I studied in school like the Hagia Sophia and the Basilica Cistern was perfected with watching, learning and drinking with Futura, Carlos Mare, Cope2, Turbo, Wyne, JonOne, Tilt, Mist, Psyckoze, Craig Costello (aka KR), Herakut, Logan Hicks, C215, Suiko, Evol, Gaia, Tabone, Funk and No More Lies-plus photographs from the archives of Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant and Hugh Holland.

Here’s a photo diary of the craziness of the week, with photos by Logan Hicks. You can check out more behind the scenes images on my Instagram feed.



mist me me-trees me-c315 lori-look grand-bazaar2 grand-bazaar futura futura-wall futura-leaning evol evol-fall evol-closeup et2 basicila-2-sq art-nerd 1001-cistern-roof 4knives   IMG_8167 tilt-bus

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