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Walking down the streets in Berlin-Mitte with Lori Zimmer is pure entertainment. Not only will she point out the most bizarre and beautiful details you would have never noticed before, but her sharp wit will turn a stroll into a stand-up comedy show.  Interested in public sculptures, art work mounted on buildings, and monuments around Berlin, she is collecting data about anything that catches her eye.

Lori is multifold. A writer, curator, art consultant and friend to the artists. She writes for Patrick McMullan, ArtSlant, Inhabitat, wrote for Modart and No New Enemies, was Sales Director of Jonathan Levine Gallery, presented at Scope NY and Miami, is currently doing projects with 1xrun and Fluff PR, and is finalizing the last steps for an impressive show she is curating at heliumcowboy in Hamburg.

“Do you know anything about this piece?”. Lori Zimmer points at the large Urania World Clock on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. It can’t be missed- placed on a stone mosaic, the planetary-system monument is 10 meters high, made of stone and aluminum, and is a meeting place for young and old. But does really anyone know the background of the piece? Why was it built? What does it symbolize? What’s the history of the piece? This is where detective art nerd Lori Zimmer comes in. Last year she launched her site Art Nerd New York– part travel guide, part art history – based on New York City’s art sites. Zimmer points out the obvious and reveals secrets. Reading her posts about every art installment makes you feel like you could be standing right next to her, while she is telling you all about it. She writes the way she talks: humorous, spunky, and easy to understand… which is not common in the art world. How did you come up with Art Nerd?
Lori Zimmer: It just sort of happened organically. I’m a natural tour guide, and a natural hoarder of art history information, so one day I just started writing it down. It actually started out much more nerdy, in an excel spread sheet then grew from there…

What’s next in store for Art Nerd?
Well I hope to get a Warhol grant I applied for so I can keep on keeping on. Its just me and my web developer. I’d love to work on it more but I don’t usually have the time to do so because a paying gig always takes precedence!

Before coming to Berlin two months ago, you were toying with the idea for a while. What is it about Berlin that made you want to spend time here?
There’s a creative spirit here, and so many artists flock here for the cheap rent and vibe. I wanted to come here also for the controversial history of East vs West, but also the proximity to other cities in Europe. Berlin seemed like a relaxed home base for a summer of exploration.

What do you like and dislike about Berlin?
I’ve realized I’m a true New Yorker, and feel more comfortable working a lot harder than the relaxed vibe here.


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