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I am a total sucker for what I consider to be the greatest feat of graphic design of all time: Milton Glaser’s I Love New York. My friends in other countries LOVED getting the classic t-shirts as gifts when I’d visit,  but of course didn’t tell them they were 5 for $10! (They’ve since been copyrighted and raised to $7 each)

Sebastian Errazuriz

Anyway, these Sandy relief t-shirts by Sebastian Errazuriz that came into my inbox this morning brought back a nice memory during an unbelievable and bleak week. The “little” hurricane turned our city into one of those Hollywood blockbuster apocalypse flicks. Having the flexibility of a freelancer, I’ve been trying to donate my time when others are at work, and am still in disbelief in conditions in my very own city. Elderly in 16 story high rise projects in Chinatown  were still without power or water on FRIDAY- that is 5 days after Hurricane Sandy- and no official or organization had aided them yet. I won’t go on about it because it is not about me, but the seriousness of this disaster is very real, and I feel that Errazuriz’s dip-dyed t-shirts capture the feeling of this week. Meshing the effects of the disaster with the resilience that is New York, the t-shirts are simple but so powerful. Of course Errazuriz is donating all of the profits to aiding in relief. Good one. I want one for sure.

Get them at Grey Area.

Sebastian Errazuriz

4 Responses to “I STILL LOVE NY”
  1. Sebastian Errazuriz’s dipdyed I <3 NY Ts are simple yet so moving. All profits go to #sandyrelief via @artnerdnewyork

  2. One of the best collabos of art and #sandyrelief I’ve seen- I STILL LOVE NY via @artnerdnewyork

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