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I Love Fête Paradiso

Last weekend I took a ferry back in time to the incredible Fête Paradiso on Governors’ Island. It is as incredible as I’d imagined. As I walked toward the grassy knoll of Nolan Park, I was greeted with romantic old timey French music, which is played over loudspeakers throughout the park. Seemingly endless vintage Parisian carnival rides are splayed out in front of the yellow colonial homes, which for some reason make me feel like I’m in the south. Free to get there and free to walk around, the rides are just $3 each- and well worth it, sheerly for the idea of being on the same amusement ride that someone enjoyed in Paris over 100 years ago (I love thinking about that). Many of the carousels are decked with replica paintings- heavy on the Toulouse-Laurtrec and Moulin Rouge themes, not to mention the intricately carved animals on each ride themselves are works of art in their own right. The carnies are actually really, really attractive young people dressed in tight “French” striped shirts (ooh la la), and Le Gamin serves up authentic and delicious crepes. We saw a sword swallower (who stuck a balloon in his nose) and drank beers under the canopy of an old bumper car pavilion. It was truly magical and I can’t wait to go back. Fête Paradiso is every weekend until the end of September.

Fete-Paradiso Fete-Paradiso1 Fete-Paradiso2 Fete-Paradiso3 Fete-Paradiso4 Fete-Paradiso5 Fete-Paradiso6 Fete-Paradiso7 Fete-Paradiso8 Fete-Paradiso9

I love Governors Island. I was probably one of the first people to rush to the ferry when they opened it to the public for exploration a few years ago, and I love what is has become- a daycation that is five minutes away, with lush rolling grassy hills free of trash and dog poop (although the goose poop is plentiful), with quaint historic homes and endless art installations and events. I love that events like Figment and Fete Paradiso are making it even better.

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