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Horned Llama Lleer by Horrible Adorables – Buy This Now!

No animals were hurt in the making of Jordan Perme’s line of faux taxidermy that are aptly named Horrible Adorables. Each creature is sculpted from styrofoam and then covered in colorful felt scales.  Some, like this Horned Llama Lleer, are finished off with clay horns.  Though they look cute and harmless at first glance, the addition of real glass taxidermy eyes makes you wonder if they are really up to no good.  The critters belong to a species dreamed up by the artist, which is labeled on a tag pinned to each.   A saw tooth on the back makes for easy hanging.  Mount this guy on the wall and daydream about the magical land he once frolicked within.  And if he gets lonely, adopt a few more of his friends. Most retail between $50-$300 so you can start a collection with these without breaking the bank.

Fun Fact: This Horned Llama Lleer recently made an appearance in a commercial for the new season of A&E’s Duck Dynasty. These guys really get around.  Snag him before someone else does!  Buy it!

Horrible Adorables Horned Llama Leer


Horrible Adorables Horned Llama Leer3

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