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High Line Zoo

Sure, the High Line has a host of public art installations, but the neighboring residents sometimes take advantage of the highly trafficked area, and sprout their own renegade installations and performances. One really cool one is the glow in the dark High Line Zoo. Hanging out on a rooftop that overlooks the park, a group of child like birds, monkeys, bears and elephants make sounds, and light up at night! Designed by artists Sun Bae, Jordan Betten and Stuart Braunstein, the installation also features occasional performances.

The self-produced project is part street art, part guerilla and should have a gorilla now that I think about it. Also, an awesome place for a hot summer night date, without the stench of monkey poop in the summer time.

What: The High Line Zoo

Who: Sun Bae, Jordan Betten and Stuart Braunstein

Where: The High Line (duh)

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