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Guest Curating on Artsicle

Artsicle is a start up that helps new collectors figure out what piques their interest. The group manages a collection of young and up and coming artists, giving users a chance to try new pieces out by renting them, or buying them outright. They also have an endless game of compare and contrast, allowing you to rate and choose your favorite pieces, and get to know the art collector in you a little better.

They asked me to browse through their inventory and tie together a curated set that spoke to me. Being insanely busy, I chose a cool, calming, escapist set that let my mind wander…and then inspire. Check out my selections and insight here!

Thanks Artsicle!

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  1. @Artsicle says:

    Curate your own art collection and be inspired by @artsicle guest curators @ArtNerdNewYork

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