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Gordon Matta Clark’s Home Sweet Home

For a year or so, the bar Home Sweet Home on Chrystie was my go-to for a guaranteed dance party in Manhattan on the weekends. As all things are cyclical, it has since changed into a velvet-roped weekend scene full of douchebags, which is not my scene, but I still love the chandelier and taxidermy cozy space. On a recent weekday trip (it is cool, calm and collected Monday thru Thursday), I learned that the upstairs was once inhabited by one of my favorite artists of all time- Gordon Matta Clark.

Clark lived at 131 Chrystie, allegedly with his brother who allegedly committed suicide here. Clark also began his long term experiments with agar agar here- which are the gelatinous remains of boiled algae.

Famous for his slicing and splicing of architecture, the artists experimented with the organic material, mixing it with chicken bouillon, mold, trash, vegetable juice and other gross materials to make self-drying sculptures. The twisted sheets were then hung from ropes for exhibition.

Who: Gordon Matta Clark

What: Residence/Current Home Sweet Home Bar

Where: 131 Chrystie St.

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