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#GETIT Planters by Nikkuu Designs

Even though we are supposed to get snow later today (ugh), it actually is spring!  We just got in these awesome new handmade wood planters by local Philly artist Melissa Moore of Nikkuu Design.  Cut from a variety of woods (oak, pine, walnut), these planters are the perfect size for air plants or succulents.  If you are like me and can’t keep plants alive, these will be perfect for you!  If you kill these, you really aren’t meant to own plants! Comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.  Some are painted with splashes of bright white or aqua paint for a pop of color, while others just show off the wood grain.  Grab a couple for your window ledge to try to evoke some warmer weather! $12-$38, each comes with an air plant.

Art Nerd Nikkue Planter Medium White Oak

Art Nerd Nikkuu Planter Half Cylander

Art Nerd Nikkuu Planter lg walnut in white

Art Nerd Nikkuu Planter Walnut Small

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