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George Segal- Gay Liberation Monument

Across from the famed Stonewall Inn, in a gated park area in Christopher Square two cast white male statues stand in a frozen intimate chat, while two women statues sit  with each other on a nearby bench. The sculptures, the signature cast style of George Segal, were commissioned in 1979 by arts patron Peter Putnam. The statues pay tribute the Stonewall Riots which happened a decade before, when police raided the homosexual hang out, the outcome becoming known in history as the first time that homosexuals fought back for their rights. The first Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade, which happened the next day, was a direct result of the riots, and is known as the flashpoint for the gay rights movement in history.

Putnam originally approached other artists, but Segal finally accepted. Putnam’s only requirements were that the piece “had to be loving and caring, and show the affection that is the hallmark of gay people … and it had to have equal representation of men and women.”

The little park is open to the public, and The Stonewall Inn is still open for business. There is also a great little dive to tuck into next door called Kettle of Fish.

WhoGeorge Segal

What: Gay Liberation Monument

Where: Christopher Park, 53 Christopher Street

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  1. Remembering Stonewall with public art- George Segal- Gay Liberation Monument via @artnerdnewyork

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