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Fujiko Nakaya’s Veil Envelop’s the Philip Johnson Glass House

The beautiful Philip Johnson Glass House is just an hour into Connecticut (a quick train ride), and is truly a magical place. For its 65th anniversary, the foundation has commission Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya to install one of her calming fog sculptures, especially for the house. Veil slowly envelops the iconic Glass house for 10 to 15 minutes each hour, at times totally devouring any visible space, and leaving visitors in a fantastical haze, a total opaque contrast to the transparent glass house. I love that Nakaya, who is now 81, became an artist, obviously influenced by her father, who was the physicist who invented artificial snow. Her work is an artist’s interpretation of science, showing the possible beauty of physics and chemistry

The Glass House is only open until November 30th before it closes for the winter season, I highly suggest jumping on the train and getting yourself to New Canaan to experience Nakaya’s incredible piece.

I went yesterday and it blew my mind!

veil veil4 veil3 veil


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