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Fawn Rogers’ Art World Collector Cards Premier @SelectFair!

I’m really into this ‘art collector poker deck’ project that Fawn Rogers’ has coming up — 54 different art collectors and patrons as real cards made especially for this performance! Play a game of poker with Fawn at the Select Fair in Chelsea — May 13-17, 2015!


LA-based artist Fawn Rogers’ COURT is a series of 54 paintings, featuring images of 52 art collectors chosen at random from ARTNews’ “Top 200” list, presented as a standard deck of playing cards. Two “wildcard” collectors who were not on the list appear on the joker cards. Fair visitors are invited to come participate in a Texas Hold ‘em style poker game with our resident performance artists, embodying the high-stakes speculation of contemporary art collecting.


The deck of cards serves as the epitomical symbol of leisure and chance, a metaphor for the machinations of war, and as a unit of outlaw currency. Playing cards represent the thrill of power, possession, and partici- pation in games of luck and strategy. Like the art of collection, playing cards can be used to create commu- nities, forge alliances, swindle enemies, and astonish strangers.


Utilizing symbols of fortune, stratification and sport, COURT invites the viewer to explore the evolving dynamics of art collecting, whose key players’ interests will represent this time in history. COURT pays homage to and recognizes the pivotal role of the collector in the world of art and allows players to experience the thrill of high-stakes wheeling and dealing—winner takes all, may the best player win…

COURT will take place at SELECT Art Fair in New York City, May 13-17, 2015. A custom tent by Prosper Lankry Design will provide an intimate oasis from the busy fair and afford players a space for concentration. Performers will be on site to help facilitate the game during the fair’s opening on May 13 from 6PM to 10PM and periodically throughout the fair.


Fawn Rogers is an American visual artist. She works with a wide variety of media, including painting, photography, video, and material installation. Aesthetically, Fawn’s art incorporates realism, conceptualism, and the synthesis of text and image. Thematically, at its core, her work reflects an idea of power as the currency of nature and human interaction. Rogers has been commissioned and displayed in public and private collections worldwide, including the United States, Japan, India, and Europe. Her work has been published in In Elle, Glamour, InStyle, Notorious, Neo2, Flaunt, Vogue España and Vogue Italia.


Since 2011, SELECT Art Fair has been delivering critically acclaimed art fairs in Miami and New York City. The fair is guided by a curatorial focus with an eye on current trends and developments in the art world. This past December in Miami, the fair featured rising art stars Rashaad Newsome, Mykki Blanco, and Rachel Mason, and the fair was curated by Tim Goossens of New York’s Clocktower Gallery.

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