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Extra-Terrestrial: Otherworldly art lands at Liberty Science Center’s SPACE PARTY

TapeScape artist Eric Lennartson's work "tapes" shape (with volunteers-courtesy LSC)

TapeScape artist Eric Lennartson’s work “tapes” shape (with volunteers-courtesy LSC)

Who knew tape could seem so out of this world?

Ask anyone who has encountered the work of TapeScape artist Eric Lennartson: by creating amorphous forms out of the everyday material, Lennartson manages to weave otherworldly webs of wonder in his installations. This summer, he is bringing his taping talents to the Liberty Science Center (LSC) in Jersey City, mere minutes from Manhattan, to create two installations for the institution. The tunnels of tape comprising Lennartson’s Tape Space seemingly conjure wormholes out of thin air, creating remarkably translucent passageways for visitors to marvel at and explore. Measuring a grand 16′ wide and 20′ long, the structure will be ready to explore starting this Thursday, June 25th along with sister installation Tape Gemini, a replica of the original US NASA space capsule used during the buildup to the moon landing. Lennartson says of his art, which intersects scientific and artistic boundaries, that he intentionally mimics natural forms and creates work that offers a “transparent, dynamic, biomorphic, curving space to explore.”


Space Party, summerlong at Liberty Science Center

Space Party, all summer long at Liberty Science Center

Lennartson has previously placed his cosmic TapeScape constructions at museums in California, Minnesota and Western Pennsylvania but this will be his first exhibit on the East Coast. His structures are on view through July 26 as part of the Liberty Science Center’s summer-long SPACE PARTY, full of interactive fun for guests of all ages. Take a trip out to the Science Center at Jersey City’s Liberty State Park and experience another side of this galaxy’s art scene just across the Hudson.

Tape Taking Shape for Space Party at LSC (courtesy LSC)

Tape Taking Shape for Space Party at LSC (courtesy LSC)


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