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Emily Weiskopf’s Unparallel Way

Today, a new public sculpture by my incredible friend Emily Weiskopf will be unveiled in Brooklyn- the borough’s largest to date! Maybe it’s because I’m a weirdo (or because I write about global warming all the time for Inhabitat), but Unparallel Way took on a darker interpretation for me. I imagine a world after humans, Planet of the Apes, and all those dystopian future themed books I devour. I saw the sculpture as a warning to stop us dead in our tracks and to realize how we are fucking up our planet- and a snippet of what could happen in the near future. But thats just me. Congrats, Emily!

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‘Unparallel Way’ by Emily Weiskopf Featured In BROOKLYN UTOPIAS: IN TRANSITion Public Art and Event Series in Collaboration with NYC Dept of Transportation and Old Stone House & Washington Park (OSH)

Opening Ceremony October 28 at 11:00 am with Presentations by DOT and OSH Representatives at the Median on Fourth Avenue between

3rd & 4th Streets, Brooklyn 11215

(Brooklyn, NY) – Brooklyn Utopias: In TRANSITion, in partnership with the Old Stone House and the NYC Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Urban Art Program, is pleased to present ‘Unparallel Way,’ a temporary 120, feet in length Sculpture on 4th Avenue by Emily Weiskopf. This will be the first Public Sculpture on Forth Avenue in Brooklyn NY. The official unveiling is October 28th at 11:00 a.m. at the median on 4th Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets. The installation runs until September 18, 2014. Transportation R to 9th Street or F/G to 4th Avenue

By humorously raising the yellow lines that separate 4th Avenue’s traffic lanes, Unparallel Way questions and heightens awareness of the parallel (and simultaneously diverging) paths that we all follow in our urban daily lives. While suggesting alternative ways within the city’s infrastructural context, it is also a comment on the lives of individuals in the city, who cross paths, converge and separate through the course of our movements through life in the metropolis landscape.




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Emily Weiskopf was born in New York and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BFA from the Hartford Art School and her MFA from Tyler School of Art. Her work explores the notion of life as cycle by referencing tracks, roads, and gates as a symbols and metaphors which build our landscapes. She attempts to challenge and make light of these familiar ways by proposing alternative tracks and paths. Her large-scale works reflect both the surroundings and their context, but through imagination and selective perception – which is what makes them also personal. Her artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. She has won residencies and awards at the Wassaic Project, Vermont Studio Center, University of Copenhagen and Artist Pension Trust, among others. She was a finalist for the 2011 Rome Prize.




Brooklyn Utopias (BU) is an ongoing exhibit and event series, founded in 2009, in which artists, young people, activists, architects, designers and urban theorists consider differing visions of an ideal city through the “concrete” example of Brooklyn. Previous BU exhibits have dealt with such topics as overdevelopment, community preservation, urban agriculture, and public space design.  A full schedule of events can be seen at


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