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Don’t You Dare Say Bansky- Banksy is in New York

Unless you’re living in a hole (or moving in the middle of the night like I just did), then you know Banksy has come to town, and is slowly transforming the city streets into his own personal street art exhibition, complete with audioguide. Fans can call 1-800-656-4271 along with the appropriate “wall number” to get a little incite on the piece- sounds pretty art nerdy to us! We’re looking forward to tracking the pieces as they pop up around Manhattan (and wonder how long they’ll last). Please though, whatever you do, do NOT pronounce his name “BanSKY,” or I will have to kill you.

banksy2 banksy1

2 Responses to “Don’t You Dare Say Bansky- Banksy is in New York”
  1. Ed Hagins says:

    When I called a phone number on one of the pieces of art (the two boys trying to reach the spray paint can in the sign) He called himself Bank – Sky . Why??

  2. CurtisLize says:


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