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Don’t by Jonathan Grassi at Roger Smith Hotel

Until August, you can grab a drink after work and check out my friend Jonathan Grassi‘s photographs in his exhibition, “Don’t” at Roger Smith Hotel.

The Roger Smith Hotel is thrilled to present photographs from the series ‘Don’t’ by Jonathan Grassi. A live portrayal of people in the throws of being tickled, Grassi documents their reactions. The tickler is concealed, however their presence is clear from the body language of the subject.


Jonathan Grassi, Bob & Kev, 2013


Grassi notes, “What I find beautiful is the complex range of emotions people display captured this way. Are they in ecstasy? Terror? Hysteria? Rage?

Unlike most portraiture in which the subject is required to pose and control, or at least modify the transaction, no one can control how he or she looks in the throes of  ‘gargalesthesia’, the scientific term for the reaction produced by heavy tickling. It is by definition a state that lies out of our knowledge and control. This is the moment captured by Grassi in these photographs.


        Jonathan Grassi, Carter & Jonathan, 2012    


The Brooklyn based photographer Jonathan Grassi is known for focusing on the complex interplay of control and liberation. Most recently, he has been photographing people being tickled, documenting their reactions, their spasms and laughter. Labeled by Surface Magazine as an Avant Guardian, Grassi has exhibited work at The Brooklyn Museum, Apex Art and Real Art Ways.


Jonathan Grassi, Kev & Bobby, 2013


The Roger Smith is a family run hotel in Midtown Manhattan. For over 20 years the owners and employees have been committed to shaping and growing a diverse and organic cultural footprint both within the hotel and beyond. With a continued desire to converse and engage with guests, with New York and places further afield, The Roger Smith Hotel’s creative program seeks to create big opportunities, pleasurable experiences, inspiring happenings and intelligent dialogues.


Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 2.10.54 PMJonathan Grassi was introduced to the Roger Smith Hotel by Lori Zimmer, founder of Art Nerd, city guides to cool, hidden, unique art and art history.

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