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PHOTOS Djerbahood: Tunisia Diaries of Logan Hicks

Logan Hicks, along with 149 other street artists, have been enlisted to turn a village on the island of Djerba into a desert outdoor art museum for an incredible project called Djerbahood. He is known as a stencil master, but he’s also a pretty good photographer too, and was kind enough to share some of his photos with Art Nerd while trekking in the intense heat. I know a lot of us make art pilgrimages, but Tunisia may be a little bit of an unrealistic trip for most of us. Thanks Logan for giving us a glimpse of Djerbahood life!

IMG_0120 IMG_0168 IMG_8974 IMG_8992 IMG_8998 IMG_9001 IMG_9004 IMG_9025 IMG_9035 IMG_9039 IMG_9040 IMG_9048 IMG_9051 IMG_9053 IMG_9056 IMG_9064 IMG_9077 IMG_9084 IMG_9099 IMG_9108 IMG_9113 IMG_9298 IMG_9300 IMG_9310 IMG_9474 IMG_9516 IMG_9607 IMG_9623  IMG_9833  IMG_9934 IMG_9962

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