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DIY Screen Printing Kits by On 3 Designs – GET IT!

On 3 Designs makes bags and accessories with their own screen printed fabric and they just released a line of DIY Screen Printing Kits so you can learn how it is done and make your own one-of-a-kind fabric patterns.  You can also use the kits to print on paper.  They come with everything you will need to get started (small screen, ink, squeegee, 3 stencils of one little graphic design) and super easy to follow instructions.  The designs are simple geometric shapes – like 3 arrows or a flower design – that are cut from contact paper.  Start off printing the stencils included in the kit & then grab some contact paper from the craft store to create your own designs.  Don’t feel like coming up with your own?  No problem, On 3 Designs also offers refill kits with some new stencils for just $4.  DIY kits will just run you $23.  GET IT and get started on some home made holiday gifts!

Screen Printing Starter Kit

Screen Printing Starter Kit

On3Design Kits Packaging

Screen Printing Starter Kits


Sample Project - Make a simple scarf!

Sample Project – Make a simple scarf!


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