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DISOwn at Redbull Studios

Curated by DIS collective and Agatha Wara, 30 artist have come together to create products for this retail store art exhibit installation at Red Bull Studios- with public hours and live events every Saturday and Sunday from 12PM to 8PM, DISown is an ongoing retail platform at the multi-disciplinary project space Red Bull Studios New York from March 6th to April 6th.



“DISown – Not For Everyone,” is an art exhibition posing as a retail store. Or maybe it’s the other way around. As Karl Lagerfeld for H&M is a diffusion line for fashion, DISown is a diffusion line for art. Set as an examination of taste and consumerism, DISown presents a new model for cultural critique. Presenting products from over 30 world-
renowned artists including Ryan Trecartin, Jon Rafman, Bjarne Melgaard, Amalia Ulman,

Telfar and Hood By Air (HBA), DISown will be featured in a retail installation by artist Lizzie Fitch. Art collective DIS and curator Agatha Wara present the month long exhibition, starting March 6th through April 6th at Red Bull Studio New York.

Luxury brands couldn’t exist without the cheap belts and underwear that they make for the average consumer. DISown is making the “belts and underwear” version of art, in effect creating artist diffusion lines.

“In the art market, artists’ names take on the characteristics of luxury brands and artworks act as high-end retail goods. DISown tests the current status of the art object and presents a new mode for artist production. “ – Agatha Wara, co-curator of DISown

Products will be available for sale with profits split between the artist and DIS, which will be used to commission additional products. Prices will range from $50 – $500 with exceptions.



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