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Did you get your tickets for the Artist Talk Brunch Series?


Did you get your ticket for Sunday? Join me and five other art world impresarios in a casual panel discussion-meets-brunch talk at Ode To Babel. Tickets include brunch from their menu, drink (s), and an intimate discussion with the “panel”- Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels (Director of Jack Shainman Gallery), Che Morales (curator), Jessica Lynne (writer and founder of ARTS.BLACK), Nadia Lopez (author and educator), Connie Morrison (children’s books author), Monique Long (curator) and Lori Zimmer (me- writer/curator), presented by Print by Print. This month’s theme is “Beyond the Critique: What do Writers & Curators Need?”

 >>>Get tickets here<<<


Sadly, this is the last in the Artists’ Brunch series, so make sure you’re there!

ADVANCED TICKET PURCHASES ONLY! General Admission : $25 with brunch/drink included. Free for a limited number of CURRENT NYC public high school students (with valid ID), who may RSVP to

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