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Dear Diary: Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos

This week’s Dear Diary has a new twist!  We asked the busy, tech savvy, French/Greek multimedia artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos to document her day and she gave us a bunch of instagrams from October 16th 2013. We are brought right inside Esmeralda’s own smartphone world with the post captions and extra meta data.  It makes sense as Esmeralda works in a variety of media (Neon, Text, Interwebs) and often uses social media in unexpected ways, see Siri&Me.  Esmeralda’s artwork is a reflexion on the construction of identity, personal memories and collective history in the digital age – how they are created, perceived and restricted.  I like to think of Kosmatopoulos as a millennial Jenny Holzer.
1 - 06-44AM
2 - 09-06AM
3 - 09-07AM
4 - 09-55AM
5 - 11-39AM
6 - 12-25AM
7 - 2-36PM
8 - 2-57PM
9 - 5-01PM
10 - 8-07PM
11 - 10 - 8-09PM
12 - 9-39PM
Below are links to the projects she’s working on (referenced above):
#NOEXIT (the twitter play that will be performed between Penn NY and Penn Newarw in December):!noexit/cr4f
Leave no trace (my obsessive compulsive routine of writting my diary with vanishing ink on the same pieces of paper every day):!leave-no-trace/c1dne
Untitled (the Sao Paolo large scale project):!untitled/c1ytk
One Response to “Dear Diary: Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos”
  1. Esmeralda says:

    woohoo! All my weird habits are out in the virtual world! Love u #RealLife #NoFilter

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