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Dancin’ With Dali

Sometimes I try to imagine what it would be like minding my own business on the dance floor (while werkin’ it of course), and running into the likes of Salvador Dali. I can’t really think of a modern equivalent to Dali, but patrons of seminal Rock n Roll club Trude Heller’s regularly got a dose of the Dali on the dance floor. (probably more like a private VIP area…). Located on 6th Ave and 9th Street, the place was known for wild Go-go dancing and live Rock n Roll in the 1960s, before morphing into a punk hang out and finally hosting acts like the Beastie Boys and Cyndi Lauper in the early 80s.


He’s kinda hot in this pic with Man Ray, no?


Who do you think would be the modern comparison of running into Dali at a club?

Who: Dali, Cyndi Lauper, Gregg Allman

What: Trude Heller Club

Where: 6th Ave and 9th Street



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