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Dali’s Happenings with Veruschka, Jonas Mekas and Taylor Mead

In 1964, Salvador Dali did a series of “Happenings” in New York- here’s a kooky one with Jonas Mekas, Taylor Mead and supermodel Veruschka (she looks like an alien today!) Then Dali turns Veruschka into a living sculpture with shaving cream. You know, regular day in NYC.

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  1. Zoé says:

    Lol! The lovely Señor Dali spray bombing that wall. How beautiful. Whilst in the first part of this one can see the NYC graffiti of the day was still just a name written in an unstylised way. (In a shot of an otherwise blank wall here).

    I tried to meet him once when he lived at the St.Regis. I was fourteen. (Mid 70s). The receptionist told me “Mr. Dali is out to lunch” (without irony).

    Only Salvador Dali could make shaving creme look like a new & brilliant art medium. (More evident in the still shots of Verushka covered in it than one can see in this film). Thank you so much for this! xx

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