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CREEM x Molly Crabapple

My long awaited story on Molly Crabapple for CREEM Mag is finally out! I couldn’t wait to see the overly (in a good way) styled pics of my friend, taken by Jonathan Grassi in the Black Apartment! Oh, and make up by my girl Natalia! Take a look see here!


Molly Crabapple will not be silenced. The New York artist has come a long way from nude modeling and doodling, asserting herself as an important political voice, pen and brush of the art world. Whether she’s on the Islamic front in Syria sketching, writing an article for VICE, or working on her forthcoming illustrated memoir, Drawing Blood (out in 2015 published by Harper Collins), Crabapple is a force to be reckoned with.

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  1. Amy says:

    Would love to paint her

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