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Comme de Garcons Building

The Comme de Garcons building on West 22nd Street is set amidst a heavily art-ed area, with Beuy’s 7,000 Oaks a slew of galleries and the Chelsea Art Museum on the same street. The building itself has a Futurist entrance way, a metal spaceship looking portal which extends from the street into the middle of the store, sucking visitors in.


Street artists started covering the façade of the building with wheat pastes, and it quickly became a street art hot-spot. The owner of the building became a fan of wheat pastes, and allowed French artist Invader to install one of his Space Invaders on the building- a Green Pacman Ghost. Other artists that have been pasting there: Judith Supine, Gaia, Shepard Fairey, Sharktoof and more.

comme de garcons, chelsea

What: Comme de Garcons Building

Where: 520 West 22nd Street

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