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City Hall Park

A beautiful little park amongst the governmental and financial buildings, City Park is a great place to bring a packed lunch, and sit around the fountain, surrounded by old timey oil lit lanterns. The park was returned to its pre-Civil War splendor in 1999 by Rudy Giuliani,  including the Jacob Wrey Mould fountain, with its gas bronze candelabras, which was designed in 1871 and had been relocated to the Bronx in 1920. To give you an idea of how small the city once was, this park sat at the northern edge in the 18th Century, and was site of a prison, barracks and powder house (used to defend against the British).

City Hall Park is also a Public Art Fund site, and features rotating exhibitions throughout the year, which intermingle between the gorgeous design of the park.

What: City Hall Park and Public Art Fund Site

Where: Broadway, Park Row, & Chambers Street

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