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Chasing Marcel Duchamp Around New York

During his lifetime, visionaire Surrealist, Cubist and Dadaist, Marcel Duchamp took residence in New York many times.  In 1915, after the declaration of World War 1, he fled Europe, moving  into a studio at 33 West 67th Street owned by arts patrons Louise and Walter Conrad Arensberg. The Arensbergs became lifelong friends, and rather than charge him rent for his two year stay, they traded for “Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors”, or what is known as “The Large Glass.” (which is in the collection of the  Philadelphia Museum of Art). This is also where, in 1917, he created the infamous readymade, “Fountain” by writing “R.Mutt 1917” on a urinal. The urinal was a standard Bedfordshire model urinal from the J. L. Mott Iron Works, 118 Fifth Avenue. Duchamp later lived at 2 other apartments before leaving in 1918.

Marcel Duchamp

Studio at 33 West 67th Street

In 1920, he returned to New York and lived at 246 West 73rd Street, bringing the piece “Paris Air” with him, a glass ampoule filled with genuine Paris air. He then returned to Paris until 1942, he then 210 West 14th Street where he kept the studio until he died in 1968. It was here that, using found objects from his walks around the neighborhood, Duchamp secretly constructed “Etant Donnes,” when the public had thought he’d given up art. (It was revealed in 1969, after his death.)

For the remainder of his life, Marcel Duchamp traveled extensively, but kept his home base in New York, first on West 10th and then East 11th Streets.

Duchamp, Rose Selavy

Who: Marcel Duchamp

What: Various residences and studios


1915-1917, 33 West 67th Street

1917-1918,  34 Beekman Place and 1947 Broadway

1920, 246 West 73rd Street, back to 1947 Broadway

1942, 210 West 14th Street, 5th Floor (kept studio until death)

1959, 28 West 10th Street, First Floor

1965, 80 East 11th Street, room 403

9 Responses to “Chasing Marcel Duchamp Around New York”
  1. @dat452 says:

    Chasing Marcel Duchamp Around New York

  2. Syzzlak says:

    Joining the chase today!

  3. nikcrown says:

    Fantastic notes, incredible particularly for Duchamp ‘s Studios, and homes, very ‘nerd’, and precious !!! Tanx

  4. nikcrown says:

    Sorry, but yours ‘Log-In’ not is good !!! Is wrong or incorrect…

  5. Hi Lori, thanks for this information. But it seems to be (partly) inconsistent with other information. Irene Gammel states in her biography on Baroness Elsa (2002; p. 171) that 1947 Broadway was Duchamp’s address from fall 1915 until 1916, based upon the Duchamp biography by Calvin Tomkins (1996; p.154-155). I am curious, while I think it’s interesting to know in which period Duchamp and the Baroness lived and worked in the same building. Thanks.

  6. Monique says:

    Modest corrections:
    Duchamp continued to work at the studio at 210 W 14 until 1966 at which point he lost it. He and his wife had to dismantle and bring dowm Étant donnés.r.. to take it and reassemble it on 11th Street. Before moving to 28 W 10th, he and his wife also lived on East 58th Street, near Bloomingdale’s in an apartment that belonged to Dorothea Tanning. The address downstairs read
    Tanning, Ernst, Matisse, Duchamp – since Duchamp’s wife was still married to Pierre Matisse.

  7. Fleur Weymouth says:

    I rented a studio from Joseph Torch at 210 w 14 street, cater-corners from his art shop on 14th street, during the late 1950s-early 1960s. Duchamp’s studio was on the floor below mine. He was there every day. Before I left for New Hampshire, Duchamp wrote me a couple of letters which I still have, saying he’d like to have my top floor studio as well. I suggested he talk with Joseph Torch which he did. He walked upstairs to greet me before I left for the country. I used to walk to 14 street from my apartment at 50 Barrow street or from City & Country school where I used to teach.

  8. Dan osterman says:

    Did Robert henri borrow henri robert from marcel Duchamp

  9. Stewart says:

    Fleur Weymouth — wondering if I could ask what period were you living on Barrow Street. My aunt lived at 47 Barrow from the early-mid 70s till now.

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