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We Love the Photography of Hadar Pitchon

Photographers are not what they used to be (nor are writers, really). In an age of digital photography and Instagram, there seem to be less and less iconic photographers that […]

Dali + Veruschka

Love Dali’s collaborations with shaving cream with crazy-tall 60s super model, Veruschka.

Warhol, Burroughs and Nico at the Chelsea Hotel

Aw man, the Chelsea Hotel used to be so cool (even not that long ago) when artists paid rent with paintings, famous writers and musicians roamed the halls, and Sid […]

Dali’s Happenings with Veruschka, Jonas Mekas and Taylor Mead

In 1964, Salvador Dali did a series of “Happenings” in New York- here’s a kooky one with Jonas Mekas, Taylor Mead and supermodel Veruschka (she looks like an alien today!) […]

Sometimes Babies and Art are OK

I’m not sure if babies and art truly mix, or should (remember Anne Geddes?) but I could help but love these inventive pics by arty mom Sioin Queenie Liao, who […]

Haring’s Altarpiece Sold

One of Haring’s editions of Altarpiece: The Life of Christ (you can see one on the Upper West Side) sold this past November at one of Christie’s blockbuster auctions, blowing […]

Andy Eats a Burger, therefore Macaulay Eats a Pizza

I always find it interesting when media people assume that the public doesn’t know shit about art history or pop culture….and are usually right. I see it all the time […]

From Pakistan to Philly – Summaiya Jillani Leaves Her Mark

During the month of December, Pakistani Artist, Summaiya Jillani collaborated with HAHAxParadigm to bring her works, rich in color and culture, outside of a gallery setting for the first time. […]

Dali Dinner Party

TOTALLY INSPIRED! I want to have a party like this!


So my friend Germaine had this made for me…

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