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A SoHo Collection

The late Tony Goldman was one of the first investors in the then-Bohemian Soho scene (which some see as good and some as bad…) Whether you’re on the side of […]

Before White Columns- 112 Workshop

In 1970, artist Jeffrey Lew opened 112 Workshop here, a first come first serve studio and artist run space. Artists were given total control to curate their own shows and […]

Soho Gallery Building

Now a luxury loft building, 420 West Broadway was the epicenter of the art world in SoHo for many years housing the galleries of Leo Castelli and other leading art […]

Forrest Myers- The Wall

Look up. See those steel blue bars sticking out of that building? That is “The Wall” by Forrest Myers, which was commissioned in 1973 by the building’s owner to cover […]

A.I.R. Gallery

In 1972, discouraged by the male-dominated art world, artists Barbara Zucker and Susan Williams opened this all-women co-operative space. Referencing Jane Eyre and the term “Artist in Residence,” AIR was […]

Donald Judd’s Studio

Now open for tours by his foundation, Donald Judd bought this cast-iron building in 1968 on Spring, which was then appropriately called “The Cast Iron District.” Built by Nicholas Whyte, […]

Soho Art Walk

SoHo holds a special place in our hearts because many artnerds will tell you it used to be the center of the art world in the 1970s, 80s and 90s […]

Anthony Lister in Soho

Street art is ephemeral, but sometimes artists get into spots that last for several years (like Michael DeFeo’s Flower in 23rd Street that has been there since 1994). Aussie artist […]

Mural Wall on Houston

Bla Zes I'm fuckin trashed! Goodnight!

In 1982, the large slab of concrete wall on Houston was put into the history books by Keith Haring, when he painted  a 30 foot mural on it, choosing the […]

Survival of Serena

Carole A. Feuerman’s super realistic sculptures have been art fair favorites over the past few years, and now everyone can enjoy her work thanks to the Parks Department. On the […]

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