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Noguchi Was a Babe

It was a bum out that Hurricane Sandy damaged a whole bunch of Isamu Noguchi’s works in storage in Long Island City, but all the Googling about it made us discover […]

The Bonnie- a Pub in an Artist’s Vision

Can a bar be an experiential art installation? The Bonnie in Astoria may seem like another quaint watering hole from the street, but the cozy interior is the luxe vision […]

Salvador Dali’s “Dream of Venus” Pavilion Site

Long before installation art was the norm, Salvador Dali created perhaps the first example at the 1939 World’s Fair that was held in Flushing Meadows in Queens, New York. The […]

Socrates Sculpture Park

Until 1986, the site of the Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens, was an illegal riverside landfill, abandoned and ugly. A group of local artists got together and […]

5 Pointz: A Graffiti Institution soon to face demolition

For the past two decades, 5 Pointz has been considered an epicenter of graffiti art in New York. The 200,000 square foot Long Island City warehouse cemented its popularity in […]

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