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National Arts Club

Founded in 1898, this gorgeous Gramercy mansion is dedicated to the fostering of the arts. With incredible interiors such as Tiffany ceilings and an impeccable art collection, the club also […]

Murray Hill’s Gingerbread Carriage House

Alongside the traffic to the Queens-Midtown tunnel is this gingerbread of a house with an artistic past. The Flemish Revival former stable house was built in 1902 by architect Ralph […]

Stamen by Rodney Carroll

In 1967, the Churchill Building was one of New York’s largest luxury buildings. The sculpture at the front of the 2nd avenue facade was commissioned by the building in 2008. […]

An Artist-dedicated Playground With No Art

Augustus Saint Gaudens is known as the premier sculptor of the Gilded Age. Probably his most popular piece is the sparkly gilded statue of William Tecumseh Sherman that glitters in […]

Theodore Roszak’s Sentinel

Being a connoisseur of all things Eastern Bloc – art, men, prisons – I don’t know how Theodore Roszak’s Sentinel sculpture has escaped me all the years I’ve lived in […]

Triad Bronze

This bronze, which has been under scaffolding for as long as I can remember, shows three Cubist figures in embrace. The work, created by little-known artist Irving Marantz in 1969, […]

Michael De Feo Flower

My friend Michael De Feo’s street art flowers bring smiles to everywhere they sprout up. The oversized blooms can be seen around New York City, but like any ephemeral art, […]

Huys House

The new Huys building on Park Avenue South adds even more luxury condos to the area. But the Dutch-designed building is giving something back to the culture of the area, […]

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