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Large Coqui by Tom Otterness

There really are Tom Otterness pieces all over New York (like my not so favorite “Life Underground”). Living around the corner from this site, Otterness has given the playground of […]

Gordon Matta Clark’s Home Sweet Home

For a year or so, the bar Home Sweet Home on Chrystie was my go-to for a guaranteed dance party in Manhattan on the weekends. As all things are cyclical, […]

WK Interact’s Climbing the Walls

The Lower East Side has become a horrifying mass of frat boys. The former hot bed of creativity is now home to annoying bar after annoying bar. Sandwiched between the […]

Studio of Jasper Johns

Built in 1912, the neo-classical gem on the corner of Essex and Houston was originally the Provident Loan Society, long before becoming the long time studio space of famed painter […]

Beau Stanton’s Paulaner Wheelhouse Facade

Beau Stanton‘s piece for Manhattan goes beyond the mural, and is instead the entire facade of the new Paulaner beer hall on The Bowery. An artwork in conjunction with the […]

ABC No Rio

ABC no Rio, Lower East Side, DIY scene, punk rock shows

A Lower East Side institution since 1980, ABC No Rio is the epicenter of DIY culture- featuring  rock and punk shows, a gallery space and art studios. A collective of collectives, […]

Nick Walker <3 NYC

I bumped into Nick Walker as he was putting up his new love letter to New York on the side of the short lived Ludlow Manor bar (now called the […]

Power Toilets

If you ever wanted to shit like a king, or at least a top level investment broker, now is your chance! You’d imagine the toilet in the greasy spoon Olympic […]

Gallery Bar

Gallery Bar has taken the Lower East Side gallery trend to a new level, being a gallery by day and two-level lounge/bar at night. Sounds very smart to me in […]

Kenny Scharf’s Red Scary Guy #2

I love that everywhere you turn on the Lower East Side, you come face to face with a Kenny Scharf piece. Most of them come out secretly at night, when […]

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