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Fine Contemporary Art Flourishes at Florian-with a Twist

Who can resist the lure of the new, the downtown, the contemporary? A departure from the status quo, eschewing the establishment– there’s nothing more fun than leaving the stuffy canonized […]

Pablo Helguera, Remixed: Strange Oasis at Kent Fine Art

Renowned artist, art educator and collaborator extraordinaire Pablo Helguera is in the house tonight for the opening of his solo show, Strange Oasis, at Kent Fine Art (210 Eleventh Ave at 25th […]

Agent Abstracteur: Illustrator Dan Matutina Draws Outside the Lines

Coming across artist and designer Dan Matutina’s illustrations for the first time feels like the first time watching the Jetsons: there lies before you a strangely familiar but ultimately more […]

New Directions: A Crossroads Represented at Jersey City’s 313 Gallery

Every now and then you run into an exhibit that makes you stop and re-examine your immediate environment. There are gallery shows that adhere to themes, and there are those […]

BRIC Open (C)all Opening Night

Don’t miss tonight’s opening at BRIC for their inaugural Open (C)all, consisting of new and engaging work created by artists born, working or residing in Brookyn. Drawing from submissions placed in […]

Pick One opens at (harbor) in collaboration with Regina Rex

The Lower East Side is no stranger to leading the way for the contemporary art world, and (harbor), a self-proclaimed “space-within-a-space”, has partnered with former neighbors Regina Rex to welcome the […]

Fragments of Infinity: Douglas Gordon at Park Avenue Armory

The lighting scheme from MoMA’s Rain Room (2013). Fragmented musical scores realized on broken player pianos. Once the initial disorientation was overcome, the recently closed Park Ave Armory exhibition tears become…streams become… by Douglas Gordon offered visitors fragmented silence and an […]

Off the Wall: Beyond the Bookcase x Ben Angotti at Mondrian Soho

Very few artists work with spray paint as sensually as Ben Angotti, which is why I’m thrilled to catch the last chance this Friday, 12/19, to view his work Icons, donning […]

The Haunting Spectacle of Untitled Theatre Company #61’s Velvet Oratorio

Sweeping. Poignant. Elegiac.   The range of emotions the audience ricochets through over the course of The Velvet Oratorio, a historical re-telling of the Velvet Revolution which occurred in former […]

Patrick Lichty at IFAC: Rise of the Machines

Second Life. Laser-cut toast. Space Invaders x Judgement Day (the movie, not the Bible version) on a wall tapestry. Patrick Lichty parades all of these subjects and more, culminating in […]

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