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Gerard Burns’ Distinguished Portraits Take the High Road at Scotland Week

Encounter a portrait by Gerard Burns and you will forever recognize his pieces. Whether the subject depicted is a distinguished actor or politician or just a neighbor down the road, […]

In Focus: Hidden In Plain Sight Opens Tonight with BAXTTER ST at CCNY

Detail and contrast are two distinct components of any striking image. No artist demonstrates this better than Patricia Voulgaris, whose solo show, Hidden in Plain Sight, opens tonight in partnership […]

Topical Tuesday: What Happens When Public Art Is Not Publicly Lauded?

Public outcry in New York City is generally directed more toward pedestrian concerns affecting personal budgets, such as the MTA fare hike, but when it touches on the arts, particularly […]

NARS Foundation Group Exhibit Explores Geography and Identity

New York Art Residency & Studios (NARS) Foundation is hosting the opening of tonight’s Unearthing Roots, Foraging Self curated by Margaret Flanagan. The impetus behind Unearthing Roots…,¬†which takes a deeper […]

Dread Scott and Ryan Wong discuss Social Justice at ICI

“Some Thoughts on Culture and Revolution” takes place tonight at Independent Curator’s International with revolutionary artist Dread Scott and writer/exhibition producer Ryan Wong. Having recently worked with Dread on a […]

Visionary works by Joseph Arthur on View at Amy Li Projects

Joseph Arthur is first and foremost a creator. Starting with his imagination as the canvas, he distributes spiritual energy as paint, effecting startlingly evocative images. With all of his creations, […]

Spring/Break Takes on Art World Transactions for Armory Arts Week

Spring/Break Art Show 2015 launches tonight, an alternative venue for art appreciators who ask a little more of their art fare than just perusing your run of the mill gallery/art […]

Old Gems, New Gems: Arts@Renaissance Group Show Reception Tonight

More than 125 artists’ works will shine tonight and through March 1 for a limited run of Arts@Renaissance’s group show “NYC Salon Showcase: A Weekend at the Old Gem”. 695 […]

Upcoming Exhibits for 5 Stand-Out Artists From Prospect.3 NOLA in 2015

Browser windows appeared within and outside of one another. Species morphed into future versions of themselves; stuffed animals juxtaposed with images of zygotes while scientists rummaging through card catalogs of […]

All Made Up: Zach Hyman’s Mythologies at YOTEL

The glossy photos present an archive on the wall in front of you: parafictions laid out from end to end. Photographs document¬†several discarded items found in the hotel’s lost-and-found division: […]

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