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VIDEO: Colette, Valentine Window 1980 NYC

Loving this clip from Colette Maison Lumiere aka Justine doing one of her window installations on Valentine’s Day 1980 to promote one of her LP Beautiful Dreamer at Record City […]

VIDEO: VEXTA in Mexico City

Inspirational lady of the day! Late in 2013, VEXTA headed to Mexico City as part of her ongoing, global Neon Tour adventure. Her original travels there in 2012 had left […]

VIDEO: Blu – Big Bang Big Boom

I had the pleasure of working with Blu a few years ago, and walking by his murals was one of my favorite parts of living in Berlin. His animations are […]

VIDEO: Dali on Whats My Line

Do you think game show contestants would have any clue who Dali was today?

VIDEO: Pipilotti Rist

Drink in the visual pleasure that is Pipilotti Rist…

VIDEO: Lori Zimmer and Logan Hicks Talk

Here’s a vid of the artist talk I did with Logan Hicks on Sunday. It is 51 minutes long and was apparently filmed by a small, deaf, near sighted midget, so I […]

VIDEO: Orlan – Carnal Art

Orlan has always fascinated me. She has made herself art- not by removing a scroll from her vagina, sitting in a chair for a real long time, or spending a […]

VIDEO: Yeondoo Jung Six Points

Yeondoo Jung’s awesome Six Points, from 2010, depicts a continuous street scene that travels throughout different ethnic neighborhoods within New York City. Jumping from an Indian neighborhood to Little Italy to […]

VIDEO: What is Dada?

Dada was started in Zurich in the 19teens as a rebellion in both art and politics and a reaction to World War I in Europe. It is based on randomness, […]

Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic’s Scriptura Vitae

Just in time for SCOPE, Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic will be doing a specially commissioned mural at the Tribeca Grand. Check out this beautiful video from London’s Random Acts of Art.

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