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Cindy Sherman and Colette talk about the days of Soho’s artistic enclave! Love it.  

VIDEO: Inside Ai Weiwei’s @Large

I just got back from Ai Weiwei’s @Large on Alcatraz! It’s so cool!

VIDEO: Shining Darkness: A Portrait of Jean Labourdette

Get to know our friend artist Jean Labourdette, aka Turf1 with this glimpse inside his studio “Shining Darkness: A Portrait of Jean Labourdette” takes us into the artist’s studio giving […]

VIDEO: Small Editions- Jon Burgerman VS Jeff Koons

We love you, silly Burgerman! Jon takes on Jeff Koons and the Whitney ‘Small Edition’ by Artist Jon Burgerman is Inspired by ‘Play-Doh’, the 10 foot tall, multi-coloured, aluminium Jeff […]

VIDEO: Wayne White x Pee Wee Herman

Let us take a moment to remember the origins that is the genius of artist Wayne White– PEE-WEE’s PLAYHOUSE (did you know Cyndi Lauper sings the theme song?) He had […]

VIDEO: In Bed with Elmgreen and Dragset

I’m sad to have missed this incredible exhibition last fall at London’s V&A Museum by Elmgreen & Dragset. They transformed an entire wing into a fictional aging architect named Norman […]

VIDEO: Live Painting with Picasso

Did you know that Picasso never set foot in New York? Seems kind of crazy don’t you think? Here’s a compilation of videos of the master at work. The piece […]

VIDEO: Riding the NYC Subway in 1905

This film is not the most exciting one out there, but pretty cool nonetheless. Pioneering cinematographer Billy Bitzer shot it on the subway from 14th Street to 42nd Street in […]

VIDEO: Anthony McCall. Five Minutes of Pure Sculpture

The Anthony McCall exhibition at the Hamburger Bahnoff in Berlin two years ago was one of the most magical pieces I’ve experienced!

VIDEO: Fujiko Nakaya + Glass House = Gorgeous

I have always wanted to go to the Glass House in New Canaan, CT. This video by Drew Arnold uses the Glass House’s current installation of Fujiko Nakaya’s Fog Sculpture […]

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