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VIDEO: Alexandra Momin’s “Breathe” is the New York Behind my Eyelids

The reason I travel is so often is that New York doesn’t allow me to slow down. ¬†Even if I’m in my bed in Brooklyn, my head never stops, combing […]

VIDEO: The Making of Logan Hicks’ Destination Unknown

Basel is over, but I wanted to share this video on how the beautiful anodized aluminum pieces for Destination Unknown, the project by Logan Hicks I exhibited at SCOPE, came […]

VIDEO: Andrew Jeffrey Wright Makes an Awesome Music Video for Dan Deacon

From the mind of the great Andrew Jeffrey Wright! Loving this new video he created and directed for Dan Deacon. FUNZO

VIDEO: Interview with Marcel Duchamp

Late night line up! Marcel Duchamp is interviewed on BBC in 1968- nearly 28 minutes with the master on all of his influences since the age of 15. Your art […]

VIDEO: Edward James, Surrealist Patron, Beacon of the Lobster Telephone

Edward James was the most important person- who was NOT an artist- to the Surrealist movement. A British aristocrat who shunned society (they think probably because he was gay and […]

VIDEO: Trong Gia Nguyen’s Artists Commercials

Wheeling and dealing art! Loving Trong Gia Nguyen’s “Artists Commercials”- let’s make a deal! a good arty laugh for the afternoon.

VIDEO: Anything Can Happen on Halloween!

Can we just celebrate this video for the following reasons: 1. Tim Curry, duh. 2. Loie Fuller references 3. It was probably the cutting edge of video art when it […]

VIDEO: Inside the Miami Marine Stadium with Logan Hicks, Ron English, Tristan Eaton and More

Tom Akerman made this beautiful video the last time we were at the Miami Marine Stadium ! Great interviews with Logan Hicks, The London Police, Crash, Tristan Eaton, Jose Mertz, […]

VIDEO: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Radiant Child

Its a rainy crappy day, why not watch the Jean-Michel Basquiat doc, Radiant Child? Here you go!

VIDEO: LaChapelle Does Dandy Warhols

Remember when David LaChapelle took his signature saturated candy colored Amanda Lepore-filled world to the Dandy Warhol’s video? Bring back the art of the music video please!

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