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VIDEO: I Can’t Wait! Bjork Releases Black Lake for her MoMA show next week

I thank my lucky stars daily for my access to art exhibitions and parties, and sometimes I’m just a little MORE thankful…like now, in anticipation for Bjork’s exhibition at MoMA […]

VIDEO: Alfredo Barsulgia’s Social Pool

Goal for the year: Find Alfredo Barsuglia’s Social Pool installation hidden in the Mojave Desert. Only for the Art-venturous!

VIDEO: Lacy Barry- DOVES

Lacy Barry has been busy not only at her fashion collabo with Studio Winkler, designing The Bonnie in Astoria and her gorgeous studio paper craft- she’s also made this gorgeous […]

VIDEO: Nam June Paik’s Global Groove

I’ve made it an unofficial Nam June Paik day. Bliss out this film from 1973- Global Groove! its so 70s!

VIDEO: Updating Philosophies with CERN

Director Jared Levy sent me this short doc he made with artist Cern about his process yesterday. Its beautifully done, and gives insight into the Brooklyn based artist’s M.O.   […]

VID: I can’t hate Miley’s Tongue Tied

I don’t hate the latest Miley internet explosion, her video Tongue Tied for the NYC Porn Film Fest. Ya, its super 90s (no surprise),but kind of in a fun MTV […]

VIDEO: Christo and Jean-Claude Wrapping the Reichstag

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in ’89, art power couple Christo and Jean-Claude rechristened the city’s historic governmental building, the Reichstag. Built in 1894, the building was steeped in […]

VIDEO: Dali’s Lost Disney Destino

Destino, a 1945-46 collaboration between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney, almost was not meant to be. Along with Disney artist John Hench, Dali worked on the six minute surrealist fantasy […]

VIDEO: RuPaul 80s style

To me in the 90s, RuPaul was everything. I love this video shot by Nelson Sullivan of Ru meeting his parents before rollerskating to the club to make fliers for his […]

VIDEO: Ragnar Kjartansson Talks about The Visitors (I’m too obsessed, I know)

I’ve talked about this Ragnar Kjartansson piece to death, but its cold today and I like hearing him talk about it.( I love how he compares the piece to the […]

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