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VIDEO: Ye Olde Carlton Arms Hotel in NYC

A look into the historic and sorta creepy Carlton Arms Art Hotel, which has an opening tonight night you must check out!

VIDEO: Dreams That Money Can Buy- a 1947 Surrealist Feast

Dreams That Money Can Buy was made in 1947 in a collaboration with director Hans Richter and Surrealism/Dada super stars Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Alexander Calder, Darius Milhaud […]

VIDEO: Magritte in his Own Words!

God, he’s amazing

VIDEO: The Art Knight Art News

This week’s episode of the first and most charming art news caster, The Art Knight aka Sean Leonard, covers our Calm Before the Storm show! Thanks and check it out!

VIDEO: Style Curator Natalie Kates visits Tim Okamura’s studio

Check out the latest studio visit from the Style Curator herself, Natalie Kates, as she visits Tim Okamura’s Bushwick studio. Tim talks ethnic and heritage diversity, paint and working in […]

VIDEO: Anna Copacabanna in Tim Kuhl’s DRIVE

If you’ve been paying attention to New York night life over the past 10 years, you’ve most likely had to pleasure of seeing the beautiful Anna Copacabanna in one of […]

VIDEO: I love New York- the city in 1903

New Yorkers and new-New Yorkers complain constantly on the every changing city, but now you can see what a hundred some odd years does in this awesome video that is […]

Magda Love x SHUT Skateboards

Check out sweet heart Magda Love’s new video collabo with pro skater Anna May Dutton!

VIDEO: Daniel Rozin’s Penguins Mirror will blow your mind

Daniel Rozin’s incredible “Descent with Modification” is currently up at Bitforms in Chelsea, and includes the crazy Penguins Mirror, a series of penguin toys that morph and move to reflect […]

VIDEO: Is Anish Kapoor’s Decension an Intestinal Joke?

Is Anish Kapoor’s “Decension” in the floor of a former movie theater in Italy supposed to be some sort of metaphor for the current state of the art world? Because […]

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