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Video: Juggling Wolf’s Creative Moves

I’ve been following loving the work coming out of the creative animation studio, Juggling Wolf ever since I accidentally stumbled into a public viewing of their ‘Night Moves’ video. The young […]

VIDEO: Parkour at Miami Marine Stadium

I recently visited the abandoned Miami Marine Stadium- aka graffiti mecca- but check out these dudes parkouring all over it. Insane


Our friend Jim McKenzie has an epic show opening at Copro Gallery in LA on June 4. Check out this INCREDIBLE trailer for his show! So cool. LOST MAGIC – […]

VIDEO: Vintage Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant Talk Shooting Trains in the 80s

I’m loving this great vintage video of Martha and Henry Chalfant talk about shooting graffiti in the 80s and their book Subway Art!She’s the coolest.

VIDEO: Max Neuhaus’ Times Square

A great short on my favorite part of Times Square- Max Neuhaus’ 24 hour sound piece! I love watching tourists freak out when they hear it.

VID: 15 Classes Reimagines a French School with optical illusions and art

Love this teaser video for the 15 Classes project taking over the Saint Joseph School in Saint-jean-de-Luz, featuring the work of our friend Remi Rough. Wish I could go! 15 […]

VIDEO: Faith47 The Psychic Power of Animals

Faith47 made a beautiful video for her piece, The Psychic Power of Animals, available now on This print is a great example of Faith47’s recent work, connected to the […]

VIDEO: Logan Hicks Time Lapse

To coincide with the print release for Amazon Street Art Project #ASAP, Logan Hicks has made a short time lapse on his meticulous stencil process. Check out the mastery!

VIDEO: Nostalgic In New York

You all know how in love with New York I am. Architecturally speaking, it has a magic that refuses to be lost, despite how much it changes. Photographer Aaron Keigher […]

Video: Michael Alan-Turning a negative into a positive

Artist Michael Alan sustained spinal and nerve damage and a serious concussion within a span of a month in 2012. With a team of friends who were dealing with their […]

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