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VIDEO: The Dadaist Films of Hans Richter

Flying hats, floating neck ties, stacked guns- Hans Richter’s Dadaist film “Ghosts Before Breakfast” from 1927 is nothing short of amazing- and inspiring. The film opens with “The Nazi destroyed […]

VIDEO: I Give You Good Advice While Looking Bad

OK, please ignore 1. My fat roll 2. my increasing NECK RASH and 3. my overall rain-soaked hair/appearance. I’ve seen better days, but I am giving some good advice for […]

VIDEO: Colette Vs Lady Gaga

In January of 2012, Lady Gaga “designed” a window for Barney’s…that looked almost exactly like some of Colette the Artist’s incredible window installations in the late 70s/early 80s, specifically a […]

Berwyr Williams On Starry Messenger

Artist Bedwyr Williams talks about his piece for the Venice Biennale, The Starry Messenger, which was named for Galileo’s writings on his observations through his telescope. His work will also […]

VIDEO: Studio Visit with Beau Stanton by Roger Smith Hotel

Our friends at Roger Smith Hotel paid Beau Stanton a visit in his Red Hook studio to investigate his inspirations for his first animation piece, A Precarious Voyage, which is […]

VIDEO: If we were more dorky than nerdy…

This should be the Art Nerd theme song

Warhol and Candy Darling

Love this interview of Andy Warhol and his muse Candy Darling, in his Factory in Union Square.

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