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VIDEO: Kid Zoom/Ian Strange FINAL ACT

My friend Ian “Kid Zoom” Strange has left me in New York to embark on an incredible adventure of creating museum shows and transforming earthquake-affected homes in New Zealand into […]

VIDEO: Fritz Lang-Metropolis in its Entirety

Its the weekend! and it is freezing. Bundle up and get some retro-futurist inspiration with Fritz Lang’s German Expressionist silent film METROPOLIS. If you haven’t already seen it, no one […]

VIDEO: Storytime with Jonathan Ames

LitNerd Extra! Hey, believe it or not I’m not just about dead writers pre-1970. Case in point — the hilarious Jonathan Ames and his obsession with boxing! Like his books […]

VIDEO: Damon Albarn in 3D (scanning)

I’ve always loved Blur and Damon Albarn, and love even more that he’s using 3D scanning technology in his new video, Everyday Robots, on his forthcoming solo album.

VIDEO: Inside Ulay and Marina Abramovic

Performance art’s first couple- Ulay and Marina Abramovic

VIDEO: Ben Eine Chats With Moniker Projects

A peek into artist Ben Eine‘s inspirations and motivations in a convo with Moniker Projects in London last year. Listen up and get schooled before checking out Eine’s upcoming solo […]

VIDEO:Joseph Beuys I Like America and America Likes Me

I can’t imagine what it was like to watch Joseph Beuys co-habitate with a coyote at RenĂ© Block Gallery in 1974. Thanks to the beauty of Youtube, we can watch Beuys […]

VIDEO: Jack Kerouac’s swan song on ‘Firing Line’

LitNerd Extra! It’s a bit sad to see Jack Kerouac in the last few years of his life bitter, misunderstood and drunk a good chunk of the time. Since the […]

Nam June Paik – Electronic Moon #2

Nam June Paik and Jud Yalkut began working together in the 1960’s and collaborated on several short pieces throughout their time together. Using both B&W and color 16mm film, footage […]

VIDEO: Downtown 81 in its Entirety

It’s the weekend, and so I give you the gift of art history- the iconic film starring Jean-Michel Basquiat, Downtown 81, in its entirety. The film is like a time […]

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