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The Art to Engage : Manifesta 10 Takes on Russia

From my latest on MutualArt: Manifesta is known as the nomadic contemporary art biennial, popping up in a different European location outside of the art-dominant centers since 1996. For Manifesta […]

Miguel Ovalle: Encryption and Transient Faults

As a child, we weren’t allowed to order Pay-Per-View. It was incredibly expensive my mother would say, but, at times, if you turned on the channel, you could see, if […]

Between Death and a Happy Place

I walk into the gallery and the first thing I see is Love. I spy the bats and forgo any art world kiss-kiss hellos. Standing before it for quite some time, […]

Ian Strange- The Suburban Project

Ian Strange aka “Kid Zoom” is practically my brother. And as a sister, I couldn’t be more proud of his SECOND museum show about to open at the National Gallery […]

Paul McCarthy’s WS: A Day of Disgust and Intrigue

  Paul McCarthy’s WS, an acronym for White Snow, is the NC-17 NYC summer art blockbuster, a twisted and subversive adaptation of the 19th-century German fairtytale Snow White. WS explores McCarthy’s artistic oeuvre: […]

New Technologies Don’t Always Mean Interesting Painting

This article originally appeared on ArtSlant by Noah Dillon on 5/28/13 XSTRACTION – A survey of new approaches in abstraction Group Exhibition The Hole 312 Bowery, New York, NY 10012 […]

video_dumbo: Re-Return to Sender

Exhibited through May 25th at Eyebeam, as part of video_dumbo 2013, Re-Return to Sender,   explores and manipulates the devices, which generally create the image. The exhibition “speculates about the imagined consciousness […]

Tracing the Origin: Meditations by Cui Fei

This article originally appeared on ArtSlant NY by Lee Ann Norman on 5/13/13 *ArtNerd Note ~ Lauren’s FIT Art Market ’07 group exhibition ‘Impossibly Familiar’ included Cui Fei (amongst others, […]

Unveiling the Art Supermarket

When I started visiting the fairs and shows in this art-filled weekend, I was mostly annoyed. Angry enough to Instagram and Tweet a diatribe I had with myself while lying […]

Matta-Clark’s FOOD 1971/2013 @FriezeNewYork

This article originally appeared on ArtSlant New York by Matthew Shen Goodman on 5/09/13   FOOD 1971/2013 Group Exhibition Frieze New York Randall’s Island Park, Manhattan , New York, NY […]

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