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When Portsmouth (UK) based street artist My Dog Sighs said he was working on  The Rusty Alexander , an old double-decker bus that’s being converted into a traveling art gallery by Sculptor Hayley Kendal (Rust Bucket Workshop)  – I had to hear more.

My Dog Sighs sent us some cool photos of him in action while telling us how the transformation is coming along.

“Rust Bucket Workshop is doing an amazing job with it. Internally it has an aging ship like quality with paint peeling floorboard walls and old iron monger setting the scene for a stunning collection of work curated by Rust Bucket.

I, alongside outsider artists Funns, and Kazland were asked to come paint the external part of the bus after she saw us painting together at last years UPFest paint festival. It’s nearing completion and ready for its inaugural outing at an arts festival in Blackpool in May. The line up of artists who will be showing is incredibly impressive. and well, it can’t fail to raise a smile wherever it goes!”

My Dog Sighs champions for the arts himself being the founder of Portsmouth’s Free Art Friday Project where artists leave original works on the street for the public to stumble upon, enjoy and claim. Since its inception hundreds of pieces have been given away.  ”Art is so often tied to a need by the artist to ‘make a living’ and constrained by gallery and dealer issues. It focuses the artist on the act itself, giving complete artistic freedom as opposed to considering financial and commercial limits.”

I love the idea of a travelling curiosity closet…there’s this common misconception that art is difficult to understand or not easy consumed by the masses. Intimidating first experiences with art feed this perception. Yet here’s a novel and simple idea – converting an iconic piece of London into a space where art comes to the people, eliminating the intimidation some feel visiting  gallery or museums spaces. Something tells me The Rusty Alexander will be the site of many stress free and rewarding affordable 1st art purchases that hopefully provide a gateway into future artistic adventures.

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