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PHOTOS: Beau Stanton’s Stained Glass is Next Level

Beau Stanton! I am so fucking proud of you! I’ve worked with Beau for a long time, but he has really elevated himself to the next level with his latest show Tenebras Lux which translates his imagery into gorgeous stained glass, shown in a 14th Century crypt in Bristol.  I am so excited to see the next steps he makes, congratulations dude! Look at these gorgeous pics!

beau_stanton_TenebrasLux_3panes1_web beau_stanton_TenebrasLux_diana_web beau_stanton_TenebrasLux_LabyrinthSkull_web beau_stanton_TenebrasLux_portrait_web beau_stanton_TenebrasLux_viewer1_web beau_stanton_tenebras_lux_greenman_web beau_stanton_TenebrasLux_profile_web

Tenebras Lux is a new body of work inspired by the imagery and techniques found in sacred spaces. Stained glass windows, elaborate oil paintings, and ornamented sacred objects create an immersive experience that references medieval art forms, ancient and modern religious iconography, and fetishized holy relics. Originally installed as a temporary site-specific installation within the Crypt of Saint John the Baptist in Bristol, these works re-imagine their original sacred function to inform the way we view the development of religious icons and enduring archetypes.
While creating the work, Stanton employed classical, medieval, and 19th Century techniques alongside contemporary digital media achieving unconventional results within the vaulted crypt and tomb niches. This calculated manipulation of light and shadow results in vividly illuminated images achieved through panes of tinted glass as well as delicate layers of transparent paint film.

These works are carefully concocted amalgamations that fuse archetypal symbols with familiar imagery from Classical Antiquity and Christian theology. The result is a visual orgy of light and ornament contrasting natural organic forms of ancient mythology with the macabre and grotesque images of martyred Christian icons.

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