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Atlantic City Ain’t Just for Gamblin’

Did you ever think that Atlantic City would be an art destination? Lance Fung did. Along with the Atlantic City Alliance, he has helped transform a massive lot along the boardwalk into a freakin’ cool outdoor sculpture park with work by world-class artists like Kiki Smith, Peter Hutchinson, Robert Barry, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, John Roloff, Jedediah Morfit and Robert Lach, all spaced around a 14 foot high ring of earth sculpture in the shape of an infinity symbol (and covered with grasses and flowers). Although not technically open until September, the ArtLantic Project is already more than half way done. Kiki Smith’s red garden, meant to be constructed in the 80s as a tribute to her sister who was one of the first women to die of AIDs, sits on the edge of the property. On the press day that I visited, Peter Hutchinson, so has to be like 80 now, created one of his “Thrown Rope” pieces, where in a Dadaist mind set, lets a rope dictate just where a garden will be planted. After throwing ropes for about 30 minutes, the garden was already put into place- thanks to a crew of 5 landscapers.


DSC05002 DSC05020

DSC05038 Artlantic

I know, AC isn’t New York, but its super close and so cheap to get to ($33 round trip on the bus, then you get a $25 casino voucher when you get there) that I had to include it.

DSC05055 DSC05036

I love Atlantic City. I really do- I always have. It is so freaking weird and trashy and plastic all rolled into one, and there’s a beach! and boob shaped coffee mugs! and salt water taffy! and hookers! and weird old bars. and 1000000000 old people in sequined baseball caps. I LOVE IT (and I don’t even gamble, I just like the weirdness) and now the art nerd in me has even more reason to go there. You can bet that I’ll be back for the opening in September.

Who: Kiki Smith, Peter Hutchinson and more

What: ArtLantic

Where: Park Place and Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401


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  1. Bobby says:

    I LOVE this idea and can’t wait to see more. Taking a trip to AC soon and will definitely stop by the art park. The work of Kiki Smith and Robert Lach intrigues me and I am excited to see the public work. The AC community is very lucky indeed. Thanks for sharing this article, please do more work on these artists. Thanks!!

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