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Art Nerdy Gifts (for You, or You Know, a Loved One)

Tis the season for buying a lot of crap for jerks, so I say buying art and arty goodies is the way to help support your favorite artists, while giving your buying list a bit of culture (whether they like it or not). Some of my fave artists are making more than just fine art, letting some of us cheap schlubs get a piece of their action. Here’s a few of my favorite things, aside from whiskers on kittens. #GETIT

Elizabeth Winnel‘s gorgeous lips come on a T Shirt! (Yes I have one!) Available at the SCAD Shop online


You can’t be the glory that is Muffinhead, but you can wear some of his creations, like his new Polka Christ earrings.


Get five Beaus in one with his Arcane Archetypes print set that comes in a snazzy box.





This adorable mini original by Alison Sommers is called “Richard.” 


I Love Molly Crabapple, and this print because its not only my sentiments exactly, but is also clearly of Stoya!



Give someone a subscription to a magazine that is really a gorgeous art book! They’ll save every issue of CREEM I swear.



Landscape artist Bridgette Meinhold is also a published author! Grab her book for your favorite architecture lover.


Buff Monster, the master of Pink ANd Hello Kitty?? Yes please! All my Favorite Flavors Print for $250 at his online shop.



And last but not least, there’s always the ART NERD membership, which is obviously the coolest.



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