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Apartment of Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian lived in an apartment on this spot after fleeing the Nazi invasion of Holland then the London Blitz. Yikes. Inspired by the freedom of New York, he painted the famous “Broadway Boogie Woogie” in his tiny apartment, which is the only piece of his that I truly love.  Most of his works I find important to art history, but boring to look at. Broadway Boogie Woogie has movement. The varying grid work at once makes me think of a street map of the theater district, but it also captures the vibrant movement of the blinking lights and marquees of Times Square and Broadway. It is in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection, be sure to check it out!

Mondrian spent the last 4 months of his life in an apartment nearby- 15 East 59th Street

Who: Piet Mondrian

What: Artist Residence

Where: 345 East 56th Street


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  1. Thank you for your post, I am working in a project inspired on his works, I would love to have your review on it.

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