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All That Glitters Closing Reception

Jersey is not that far! Head there this Thursday for the closing party of the acclaimed All That Glitters exhibition at The Gateway Projects– with a night of performances.



Thursday, March 20th
6 – 8 pm

NJ Glitter Core at its finest
Dez of the Misfits and Black Flag
Willie Cole as a performer and musician
Jean Lebrun and members of NJ Klan
Katya Grokhovsky in her amazing grotesque perfect glamour
Athena Llewellyn Barat pure golden voiced
Alexandra Drewchin Eartheater delivering her magic words
Ephemeral Goddesses strolling through
Coco Dolle &
Catarina Cunha
And more
More more to come!
This’ll be epic. Bring your cameras.

Join us for one last look at ALL THAT GLITTERS this Thursday, March 20th from 6 – 8 pm. In a happening-like fashion, performances will occur throughout the space. Looking forward to saying goodbye to ALL THAT GLITTERS with you!

Curated by Athena Barat & Rebecca Jampol at the Gateway Center adjacent to Newark Penn Station
Thursday, January 16th – Thursday, March 20th

“All that Glitters”, a group exhibition about abundance, luxury and decadence, flirtations with vulgarity, and the ache for exaltation.

Artists include: Willie Cole, Ryan Trecartin, Katherine Bernhardt, Shoplifter, Akintola Hanif, Shoshanna Weinberger, Raul de Nieves, Kevin Sampson, Richard Wislocky, Alexandra Desipris, Mary Edna Fraser, Ariana Barat, Ayana Evans, Angelina Dreem, Andrew Baron, Ashli Sisk, Brendan Mahoney, Benjamin Phelan, Eric Barry Drasin, Fernando Montiel Klint, Hannah Craft, Katya Grokhovsky, Jessica Bowman, Melvin Jones, NDA, Labanna Babalon, Luca Cusolito, Sid Art and Prince Rama with Lily X Wahrman, Whitney Lea Sage.

The Gateway Project is a series of pop up art exhibitions that are activated intermittently throughout The Gateway Center; a multi-functional building that connects to Newark’s Pennsylvania Station. Currently exhibitions are activated in a full functioning gallery space, The Gateway Project Gallery, in Gateway II, and throughout the entirety of the Gateway Concourse, which goes from the Station to Mulberry Street. The Gateway Projects is a collaborative endeavor by Solo(s) Project House (Newark, New Jersey) and Project For Empty Space (New York City). The purpose of The Gateway Projects is to enliven community spaces through interactive and stimulating art exhibitions.

The gallery space rotates exhibitions every three months, providing participation opportunities to national and international curators and artists. By introducing new partnerships with each exhibition, there is a constant dialogue about Newark’s continuously developing art community.

Gallery exhibitions are open to the public, Tuesday -Thursday from 11 am – 7 pm. The concourse exhibition is available to view by a daily commuting audience of 30,000.

The Gateway Projects are made possible by C & K Properties and the Gateway Concourse Association.

For more information please visit
or email

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